Consultations & Screenings

Consultation with CTOPPS

After full review of client’s report cards, prior testing reports & student work, CTOPPS, nationally normed phonological processing test is given and scored as well as reading fluency & Barton Screening. A short report is provided indicating, with a high degree of accuracy, if the client fits the classic dyslexia profile.

Fee: $600

Consultation Plus Screening & Written Report

In addition to consultation services above, a two-hour evaluation is given using nine screening tools (including CTOPPS) that determine if a client has all the weaknesses listed in the research-based definition of dyslexia.

These tests are then reviewed and scored and a 12-15 page written report is provided analyzing scores and indicating the level of dyslexia with a high degree of accuracy. Interventions, accommodations, and targeted goals are recommended.

Fee: $1,000

Please Note: If you are interested in screening services, please carefully review the Consultation Agreement, as it contains important information about the process. After reviewing the agreement you can contact Julie to make an appointment for a phone interview to determine if her services can meet your needs.

Educational Services

Foundation in Sounds (similar to Lindamood Bell’s LiPs)

For clients with weaknesses in auditory discrimination or auditory memory, Foundations in Sound is a pre-reading program that develops discrimination, memory and sequencing of sounds, and prepares a student for the Barton System.

Reading Intervention with the Barton Reading & Spelling System

The Barton Reading & Spelling System is an Orton-Gillingham based system for intensive one-on-one instruction in reading, spelling and writing. The Barton System provides direct, explicit, multi-sensory instruction in phonemic awareness, followed by synthetic and analytic phonics with intense practice.

To close the reading gap, two hours of instruction is required each week. It can take from one to three years of intervention to bring a student up to grade level reading.

To learn a more about the Barton Reading & Spelling System, you can visit Susan Barton’s website. You can also read about Multisensory Structured Language Teaching (opens a PDF from the International Dyslexia Association).

The Barton Reading & Spelling System has been approved by the California Department of Education and supports Common Core Standards.

Please Note: All clients requesting Barton Reading & Spelling services must participate in a screening to determine eligibility for Barton. The screening assesses auditory memory, auditory discrimination and basic phonemic awareness skills. If the client does not pass the screening, Foundations in Sound will be recommended prior to beginning Barton. The Barton screening is provided free.

Voice to text writing

Voice to text writing can be essential for students with dyslexia. This writing intervention provides training in the use of the voice to text feature on Google Docs. Students learn all the strategies of writing from choosing a topic through publishing using The New York Reading & Writing Project lessons. Students learn a color-coded system to help organize and structure their thinking process and writing.

Dyslexia Education

Faculty in-service training and professional development workshops offered as well as community presentations to schools, churches, PTA or other professional organizations.