Julie’s Mission

Julie is passionate about connecting with and helping children who struggle with reading, spelling, and writing by offering best practices in screening for dyslexia, providing research-based and evidence-based intervention, and partnering with parents, professionals, and the community in ongoing professional development and education about dyslexia.

Julie understands that parents are often overwhelmed and anxious by the time they reach out to her. She hopes to be a source of comfort, positivity, and practicality for both parents and children. With Julie, you and your child are in very good hands.

Julie’s Story

As a veteran 3rd grade teacher, Julie often wondered how students entered her class being unable to read, and why some students hit the wall in 3rd grade and could not progress as readers? Usually, these children had already received ongoing reading intervention two–three days per week from a reading specialist since 1st grade. They were bright students, but made little or no progress. Why?

Nothing in her teacher training or professional development prepared her for the struggles these students experienced, and she was determined to find a way to help them.

Dyslexia and the Barton Reading & Spelling System

Eventually, Julie learned of dyslexia and the Barton Reading & Spelling System. While researching dyslexia, the pieces of the puzzle finally fell into place – everything she observed with struggling readers in her classroom began to make sense.

Julie became certified in the Barton Reading & Spelling System and started tutoring struggling readers. Much to her delight, she observed tremendous gains made in reading – often within just one year! Because of the success she witnessed in the children she tutored, at a local school she initiated and supervised a Barton early reading intervention program (for which she applied for and received a 2013 SRVEF Grant to cover the cost of materials), tutoring children herself and also training para-educators in the use of the Barton System.

Taking it further with the ability to screen

However in the classroom, Julie still found herself perplexed by struggles some of her students with dyslexia experienced. Why did some students make gains quickly through the Barton System and some more slowly? Why did some students with dyslexia?

In 2014, Julie graduated from a six-day seminar with Susan Barton titled Screening for Dyslexia. The seminar grounded her understanding of dyslexia and prepared her to screen students who fit the dyslexia profile. She began screening students and, based on Susan Barton’s thorough evaluation of her screening reports, Susan Barton herself added Julie to a very short referral list for screeners she personally recommends. Julie is one of only five screeners in the San Francisco Bay Area who are on that list.

Professional development and working with the community

Julie has conducted in-service trainings for teachers on dyslexia and the use of the Barton System.   After teaching 3rd grade for 15 years, she now devotes herself full-time to her work with students with dyslexia. She understands the classroom accommodations that students with dyslexia need. She also understands the concerns of students, parents, teachers, and administrators when working with students with dyslexia.

Julie’s Professional Qualifications

  • Master’s Degree in Curriculum & Development, Chapman University
  • Teaching Credential, State of California
  • On-going training in New York Reading and Writing Project
  • Certified GATE instructor
  • Certified Barton Reading & Spelling Tutor
  • Started and supervised early intervention reading program for Barton at local school site
  • Graduate of Susan Barton’s 6 day Screening for Dyslexia seminar
  • One of five dyslexia screeners in San Francisco Bay Area listed on Susan Barton’s referral list
  • Led professional development workshops in dyslexia and use of the Barton System
  • Served on Dyslexia Think Tank for San Ramon Valley Unified School District
  • Member International Dyslexia Association